Share-use equipments

Uhtra-high voltage electron microscope H-3000 (Hitachi)

Transmission electron microscope with the world highest acceleration voltage of 3000 kV.
The typical advantage of the H-3000 is the remarkable increase in the maximum observable thickness of the specimens.


Transmission electron microscope HF-2000 (Hitachi)

Acceleration voltage of 200 kV, FEG, nano-beam TEM-EDS analysis

Transmission electron microscope H-800 (Hitachi)

Acceleration voltage of 200 kV, STEM-EDS analysis

Transmission electron microscope H-7500 (Hitachi)

Acceleration voltage of 120 kV

Transmission electron microscope Titan Krios(FEI)

Acceleration voltage of 300 kV, Cold stage

Apparatus for the preparation of polymer and biological samples for electron microscopy

Resin embedding oven, Carbon coater


Apparatus for the preparation of ceramics, semiconductor and metal samples for electron microscopy

Mechanical polishing apparatus, Tripod Polisher, Dimple grinder

Ion Milling - PIPS