Materials Science

Research topics




The main subject is the development of science in materials microscopic processes by interaction between high energy electrons and materials. Materials nano-processes induced by knock-on displacements and electronic excitation effects and non-equilibrium phase formations driven by the synergy effects with nano-size effect have been studied by in-situ ultra-high voltage electron microscopy. Our research interests are focused on the materials science under dynamic non-equilibrium states.
Current research programs are as follows.

(1) Development of novel utility of ultra-high voltage electron microscopy
(2) A novel interfacial solid phase reaction and its control by electronic excitation
(3) Specific structural properties in nanoparticles and atomic scale analysis in low-dimensional materials (4) Research and development of ultrafast electron microscopy using femtosecond electron pulses
(5) Relaxation dynamics studied by time-resolved two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy