We believe Japan has the worldwide initiative in science and technology related to the development and application of electron microscopy. To maintain this status in the future, creative and novel researches must be performed through the use of the advanced and unique electron microscopes installed at the advanced research institutes. Among the various types of electron microscopy, high voltage electron microscopy (HVEM) is one of the most advanced and important academic research fields. Osaka University is taking the leadership in the HVEM research field over the past 50 years.
Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy (UHVEM) is a Joint-Use Education and Research Facility at Osaka University focusing on practical electron microscopy and 3 MV UHVEM. The mission of this center is to pioneer new research fields on materials science, biology, and medical science by electron microscopy including 3 MV UHVEM. In order to carry out the mission, the center members are challenging to original researches made the best use of the advantage of 3 MV UHVEM, that is, thick specimens can be observed due to increasing penetration power of electrons or the developments of electron microscopes or new microscopy techniques. Such research techniques are applied to joint-use researches for the researchers at Osaka University or outside the university. The center members are also involved in the education. Under graduate and graduate students from Graduate School of Engineering in the university are joining the research group in the center for their diplomas or degrees.
Research Center for UHVEM is developing new research fields related to materials science, biology, and medical science as a nationwide and worldwide core in electron microscopy research.