Advanced Research Network for Ultra-Microscopic Science


Associate Professor Kazuhisa Sato
Assistant Professor Shuhei Ichikawa
Guest Professor Hirotaro Mori
Guest Researcher Satoshi Ichikawa
Guest Researcher Naoko Kajimura


2016.04 – 2022.03

Research topics

In 2016, Research Center for UHVEM has been authorized by the MEXT as headquarter of “Advanced Research Network for Ultra-Microscopic Science” composed of 3 national universities and a institute including Kyushu Univ., Saga Univ. and National Institute for Physiological Science. One of the most important missions is to promote collaborative researches between electron microscopy and synchrotron radiation spectroscopy analyses, and to pioneer new research fields by the network joint-uses and -researches. Research Center for UHVEM will further develop original research and inter-academia collaborative innovation as a core of the nationwide network of large-scale facilities.