Under the severe financial condition in national universities, Osaka University is going for co-creation innovation through deepening of academic research and creation of their new values, and additionally, creation of worldwide research centers through close cooperation with various professional fields and developments of new research. Osaka University is building up the education and research for sustainable developments, and is reorganizing the governance. Our center is also going into action in order to play a part of its core.

As a strategic research, close cooperation with various professional fields related with electron and photon is promoted in the MEXT project of “Advanced Research Network for Ultra-Microscopic Science” of the collaboration with Kyushu Univ., Saga Univ., and National Institute for Physiological Sciences. We also succeeded in developing a pulsed electron microscope equipped with a new microsecond pulsed electron gun for “Ultra-Microscopic Science” by collaborating with venture companies. We are getting excellent research results on materials science, bio-science, and instrumentation, and have successfully developed the world's first cryo-ultra-high voltage electron microscope with atomic resolution.

Regarding contribution to society, we contribute to solve research subjects and technical issues through “Nanotechnology Platform” project. In the midterm evaluation carried out last year, the achievement of the project is highly appreciated. In addition to conducting unique research activities utilizing an electron microscope with “Industry on Campus”, we are carrying out a new research field creation with mind in solving technical problems from the fundamental research stage, and are contributing to promote an environment for industry-university co-creation.

We will evolve challenging and exciting researches and contribute to progress of the research fields on electron microscopy through innovation of the research and educational organization. For accomplishing the mission and further development of the Center, cooperation with researchers outside the Center is indispensable. We heartily welcome and look forward to your applications of this outstanding facilities and research support system, and would appreciate very much your cooperation.

Director Hidehiro Yasuda