At the beginning of the Third Midterm Plan of the national university corporation, approaches and future plans to important subjects such as buildup of education and academic research or the governance reform for organization to sustain continuous evolution of Osaka University should be made definite also in our center. Our center has been set high evaluations in the education and research by third-person evaluation of the Second Midterm Plan. A proposal of the future plan that the center behaves as an independent department, carries out research activities to create new research fields by organizing different large facilities, and collaborates with industries and societies, is put big hopes.

Our policy is promotion of scientific researches which made the most use of the characters in the 3MV UHVEM and materials- and bio-science UHVEM. Under the policy, the materials science researches and the support researches have been carried out well, and bio-scientific researches are promoted by full-time and extraordinary researchers in order to respond diverse requests. Drastic reorganization and integration with the other laboratories should not be considered due to some demerits that the mission may wander. In cooperation with the off-campus agencies, we aim to constitute a center to promote education and research activities in the direction of merger of different fields and creation of new fields.

The MEXT project of "Advanced Research Network for Ultra-Microscopic Science" starts in 2016. Osaka Univ., Kyushu Univ., Saga Univ. and National Institute for Physiological Sciences will further develop original research and inter-academia collaborative innovation as a core of the nationwide network of large-scale facilities, in order to promote collaborative researches between electron microscopy and synchrotron radiation spectroscopy.

The research areas in the center consist of two areas, and research and education on materials science, bio-science, instrumentation and observation technique are carrying out by 7 faculties. The joint-use including education to users is putting into practice by 6 researchers in "Nanotechnology Platform" and "Advanced Bioimaging Support" project. For education and encouragement of users, many kinds of meetings and seminars are held every year.

We will evolve challenging and exciting researches and contribute to progress of the research fields on electron microscopy through innovation of the research and educational organization. For accomplishing the mission and further development of the Center, cooperation with researchers outside the Center is indispensable. We heartily welcome and look forward to your applications of this outstanding facilities and research support system, and would appreciate very much your cooperation.

Director Hidehiro Yasuda