Fundamental Technology

図1 : トモグラフィー自動撮影支援機能を付加した超高圧電子顕微鏡

図2 : 直径3.7μm のカーボンマイクロコイルの高精度三次元再構成


Associate Professor Ryuji Nishi Joint Research for Electron Microscope Basic Research
Associate Professor Jun Yamasaki  
Guest Professor Hiroyuki Ito Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation

Research topics

To realize quantitative and automated 3D observations of micron-sized functional materials in UHVEM, theoretical/experimental analyses of the transmission ability of high energy electrons and development of the recording system are studied. Another research interest is aberration-corrected electron optics, which is theoretically analyzed for further improvements and applied to atomistic observations of semiconductor interfaces. As a future imaging method using electron beams, electron diffractive imaging is also studied.