Joint Research for Electron Microscope Basic Research (End)


Professor Toshiaki Suhara Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering
Professor Hidehiro Yasuda Graduate School of Engineering, Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science
Guest Professor, Researcher Akio Takaoka Professors Emeriti
Guest Professor Hiroyuki Ito Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Associate Professor Ryuji Nishi  
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Hiroyasu Kaga Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Hiroto Kasai Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.
Researcher Kiyokazu Yoshida  

Research topics

 In 2012, Joint Research Division for Electron Microscope Basic Research was established within period limits of 3 years in collaboration of Osaka University with Hitachi Central Research Laboratory and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, in order to research basic electron optics for high-performance electron microscopes and encourage young researchers. This division will make contributions to the development of industry through basic science and technology concerning basic electron optics and inspire the next.
 Current research programs are as follows.

  1. Analysis of materials by using Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscope
  2. Development of high time-resolving electron microscopes
  3. Development of next-generation electron microscopes